Do you love exploring new places, cultures or flavors and want to pass on your passion for traveling to your children? If you are afraid that a long flight or foreign customs are too much of a challenge for your little one, see for yourself that it can be the most beautiful adventure of your life! Discover our 5 selected destinations that are worth considering when planning a family vacation.

1. Southern Europe

Greece, Italy and Türkiye are popular holiday destinations chosen by tourists of all ages. The biggest advantages are definitely direct, relatively short flights, which translates into travel comfort. Why is it worth going here on holiday with children? We know from experience that children will love Mediterranean food, mild climate, warm water, sandy beaches and plenty of attractions for children.

2. Tenerife

This Spanish island has plenty of attractions for children! Most of them are related to the water world – including Loro Park, which is a combination of a zoo, a botanical garden and a water park where you can admire shows with dolphins, killer whales, sea lions and parrots. There is also Teide National Park in Tenerife, whose landscape is called lunar – due to the effects of the eruption of the Teide volcano over 200 years ago. Children will also enjoy a submarine cruise, visits to numerous water parks and unusual black beaches.

3. Finland

The Scandinavian country is not a typical holiday destination, but it has so many attractions that it would be a pity not to see them! It is a great choice for lovers of active recreation, winter sports and all people who do not like lying on the beach on hot days. Finland, and specifically the city of Rovaniemi, is a real paradise for the youngest tourists! Located in the Arctic Circle, it delights with its landscapes, nature, northern lights and original architecture. There is a large playground inspired by the game Angry Birds, an Arctic safari, a science center, an amethyst mine, and above all… Santa’s house! The opportunity to visit this beloved character is undoubtedly every child’s dream!

4. Mexico

Although the flight from Poland may be long and tiring for children, the attractions in Mexico are certainly worth it! Great fun is guaranteed by, among others, the Xel-Há water park, the Xplor adventure park and Xcaret – an amusement park presenting the cultural heritage of the Mayans and Mexico. Young lovers of history or archeology will fall in love with the Mayan pyramids, and people dreaming of a blissful rest will happily spend the whole day on the beautiful, sandy beach.

5. Africa

A trip to Tanzania or Kenya is a true adventure of life in its purest form! On safari, children will be able to see live animals in their natural environment, previously only seen on TV or in zoos. These countries, contrary to appearances, are fantastic holiday destinations for the whole family. You will appreciate them for their excellent food, beautiful beaches, infrastructure and safety.

Traveling by plane with a baby seems a huge challenge, but foreign resorts offering plenty of attractions and amenities are worth it. Check out the current offers of individual trips with Margot Travel to plan your family vacation today!