A quarter of a century of traveling

It all started with Małgorzata Gulińska, who decided to turn her passion for traveling into a travel agency. This is how Margot Travel was created, which has been organizing conferences, integration and incentive trips in Poland and around the world for 25 years. During this time our clients visited almost all corners of the world, took part in extraordinary expeditions, participated in unforgettable adventures and saw breathtaking views. All this under the supervision of our experienced office staff, who carefully prepare every element of the trip. Check us out now!

What do we do?

An incentive trip is a great idea to reward outstanding company employees or to strengthen bonds between team members, which will increase their efficiency and job satisfaction. This is more than just an ordinary team-building trip. An exotic incentive trip is a fascinating, unforgettable experience that will have a positive impact on the atmosphere in the company and provide employees with unique memories.

Incentive trips abroad
At Margot Travel, we will organize the entire incentive trip, including transport to the place of your choice in any part of the world, and we will also prepare wonderful attractions for your company’s employees. During the exotic trip, we will also visit unusual places, learning about the local culture and monuments. In addition, we will also ensure the complete safety of the incentive trip and the good mood of all trip participants throughout its duration.

Are you wondering where to organize the perfect company conference? At Margot Travel, we will prepare a unique conference trip for you to any place in Poland or abroad. We will find a suitable space for business meetings or lectures, as well as a comfortable hotel. In addition, we will provide additional attractions tailored to the nature of the corporate conference and the guests present, and we will also provide excellent catering that will make your stay more enjoyable and put the participants in a positive mood.

Organizer of training trips for employees
However, it is worth making sure that they are not only useful for the people you employ, but also pleasant. That is why in our company we organize company training trips to unique places both in Poland and abroad. This is a great idea for organizing a training that will stand out from others.

You want to invite your employees or clients for an unforgettable weekend, but organizing a conference abroad is not what you have in mind? The answer is simple – Poland! We will create a complete plan for you, suggest a place for the event, as well as additional local activities and adventures. From the rich offer of national events, you will choose what best suits your concept. Don’t look far for an idea for a company trip – see how beautiful and inspiring it is here in Poland!

An idea for an incentive trip to the country on the Vistula River
Margot Travel’s offer includes mountain activities in the Bieszczady Mountains, expeditions along the Tatar trail in Podlasie, as well as discovering the secrets of underground cities and the tastes of wine in Lower Silesia. Active weekends full of local flavors in various corners of Małopolska are also very popular. See for yourself that a company integration trip does not have to take place in an exotic country on the other side of the world. Discover the beauty of Polish regions with us – welcome!

Are you getting ready for an important foreign or domestic business trip, but you don’t have the time or inclination to deal with travel formalities? Leave it to us! At Margot Travel, we have many years of experience in quickly and effectively finding the best air, rail and other means of communication around the world. When you cooperate with us, you don’t have to worry about anything – we will organize everything you need for your trip to a foreign city.

Comprehensive organization of a foreign business trip
Are you going to a foreign city or abroad, but you don’t have time to find the best hotel and convenient flight connection? We offer you comprehensive organization of every detail related to a foreign business trip. We will book a hotel for you in the selected standard. We will prepare a list of places where you can eat exactly the food you want. And if you have more time, we will suggest some tourist locations worth visiting. We invite you to cooperate with Margot Travel – specialists in tailor-made travel.

Are you bored with standard trips during which you only visit the most popular tourist attractions in a given region? Do you dream of seeing the true face of the culture of the country you are going to, and not just the one created for show for visitors? Want to try something more but don’t have time to plan your trip? We invite you to cooperate with Margot Travel – we will prepare an individual plan for a foreign trip especially for you, during which you will gain unforgettable experiences.

VIP style travel
Regardless of the direction you choose, we will find and book a stay in a luxury hotel, as well as provide convenient transport to every point of the expedition. We will prepare a detailed trip plan to provide you with as many experiences as possible in line with your rhythm and interests. We will take care of your safety, so that every element of the program is not only exciting, but also comfortable. Tell us about your expectations and dreams, and we will prepare a plan for your trip abroad from A to Z. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our office, including business travel offers.


Incentive trips are not only about getting to know the world and having fun, but above all, building loyalty among customers, which ensures long-lasting effects. It is the richest form of reward – full of exciting experiences, adventures, inspiration and deepening relationships.

Małgorzata Gulińska

Incentive trips are not only about getting to know the world and having fun, but above all, building loyalty among customers, which ensures long-lasting effects. It is the richest form of reward – full of exciting experiences, adventures, inspiration and deepening relationships.

Anna Gulińska

A psychologist by profession, she is fascinated by the complexity of the mind. Her passion for people started her adventure with traveling. In his free time, he loves to take a camera in his hand and go out into the city, showing the beauty of the streets, people and life. A lover of yoga and meditation to calm the mind and Latin dance to move the body.

Martyna Kołacz

The head of the office and the originator of many unique projects, nothing would happen without her. Passionate about traveling and discovering new corners of the world. In his free time, he practices learning Spanish.

Ewa Malawska

A man for special tasks, he has been organizing and leading expeditions around the world for over a dozen years, from diving to trekking trips. A lover of mountains, photography and life in constant motion. Definitely a sporty type, prefers a mountain bike or skis instead of handbags 🙂

Michał Mysza

Traveler, physiotherapist, holistic therapist fascinated by combining conventional massage techniques with shamanic traditions, music and traditional medicine from many regions of the world. She conducts therapeutic circles, Cocoa ceremonies, musical journeys, holotropic breathing sessions, workshops on throat singing, Thai Chi, breathing techniques, basics of meditation, relaxation techniques, Acroyoga, massage and waltzing.

Łukasz Guliński

Curiosity about the world and passion for sport took him to many corners of the world. His favorite destination is Southeast Asia, among other things, because of its cuisine. A cooking enthusiast draws inspiration from all over the world, and when he talks about food, he has a characteristic twinkle in his eye 🙂 In his free time, he is passionate about skiing, martial arts and surfing.

Our values


We make sure that the expedition is fully secured so that participants feel comfortable at all times, regardless of the situation.

Energy and passion

We want each trip to be an unforgettable adventure for our clients, which is why we prepare an exciting program.

Honesty and respect

We approach each client with the greatest dedication and full transparency to meet all expectations.

Perfection and reliability

We take care of every single detail so that nothing surprises us during even the most unusual trip.

Contact us

We would like to understand your needs and help you create an unforgettable event or dream trip. Please leave your contact details below and our team will contact you shortly. Together with us, you can plan a unique adventure that will leave beautiful memories and strengthen business relationships.

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