One of the most hospitable places on Earth

One of the most hospitable places on Earth

The Kingdom of Jordan is one of the most “European” Arabic countries, where the contemporary times mix with the traditions of the Orient. It’s a desertic land of wealth and mysteries, full of charm and Arabic hospitality. Jordan – a peaceful, safe, and friendly place, with vast areas and wonderful sights, dominated by red-orange deserts and the best archaeological sites. Bustling streets of Jordan are filled with scents of water pipe and kebabs. This land charms with its history, culture, and colours.

Are you ready to set out on a journey to a place where the sun shines all year round? If you are, don’t forget to take positive thoughts with you, as the country we are heading is a friendly and hospitable land. Jordan – a little country in the Middle East, where incomers are awaited by interesting and mysterious landmarks, combining modernity and traditions of the Orient. This country is full of charisma, it will enchant you with its history, culture, vast spaces, and wonderful sights of red-orange deserts. Jordan is a safe and liberal country, attracting explorers and tourists.

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A fabulous Akaba resort with its sandy beaches and clear sea
Bathing in the Dead Sea combined with a mud bath
The tea which is minty and really sweet here
Great stories of Bedouins, the inhabitants of the deserts
The Jabal Al-Qala'a Citadel in Amman, from where you can view the whole Jordan