USA & Caribbean cruise

Follow the pirates of the Caribbean

Follow the pirates of the Caribbean

In the crazy life, somewhere between work, home, shop, and a doctor’s appointment, we have our own dreams – a paradise on Earth being one of them. It’s a place where magic and adventure bear the same name, where voodoo stories interweave with stories about pirates and sea monsters. Everything is more beautiful, cheerful, and colourful here. The characteristic sound of the local music is stimulating, snow-white beaches, azure water, tropical forests, waterfalls, palm trees growing directly from the beaches create inimitable charm and provide amazing views. The Caribbean, formerly called the West Indies, is a mixture of many cultures – Caribbean, European, and Asian. This mixture can be seen in the customs and traditions, as well as in the fresh and sunny cuisine.


We invite you to an adventure of a lifetime on a luxurious ship cruise. It’s a perfect way to visit and explore a few islands during one trip. It’s a fascinating expedition with plenty of unforgettable experiences and a real break from work. The ghost of Jack Sparrow floats in the air over the azure waters of the Caribbean islands.

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