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Business trips with the Margot Travel agency | 25 years of experience in organizing company trips

Behind every achievement of the company there is a well-coordinated team. But how to build these strong bonds, if not through inspiring company trips? Margot Travel, as an experienced tour operator with a 25-year history, opens the gate to a world full of unforgettable adventures and endless opportunities for integration and development.

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Iceland – a magical land of ice and volcanoes

Let yourself be surprised and experience the adventure of a lifetime! Iceland is a country that will surprise you in every respect. On the one hand, you will find stunning nature at any time of the year, and on the other hand, an extremely colorful and intriguing culture. Here you will see volcanoes, geysers and the northern lights, hear the Icelandic language almost unchanged for 1000 years, learn stories about elves and unusual traditions, try great cuisine based on local products, and experience the exceptional kindness of the locals. Open yourself to new things, visit Iceland and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

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4×4 adventure in Namibia

Traveling through a small section of this beautiful country will remain in our memory forever. Namibia is a country located in the southwestern part of the African continent, which has existed officially since 1990. It is possible, but it has only about 2.1 million inhabitants. Its territory includes pristine national parks, endless desert beaches, kilometers of beaches, mountains and plateaus, and wetlands with rivers and swamps. The variety of landscapes is greater, as is the fauna and flora. You can literally come across rhinos, lions, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, hyenas, cheetahs and leopards here.

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Follow the trail of movie heroes!

Every cinema lover has a TV series or a movie that they have a special fondness for. What if we moved to its natural plane? Not all action locations are fictional, some of them actually exist and you can visit them! Tourism along the trail of favorite heroes has been gaining popularity for years. Are you looking for an idea for your next trip? We will help you find inspiration.

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Visit Barcelona – feel it with all your senses!

Barcelona is one of the most charming cities in Europe. The magic of this place makes you return to it many times, personally or at least in your thoughts. What did the capital of Catalonia do to deserve such sentiment? Definitely the atmosphere!

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Ranking of the 5 strangest Christmas traditions in different parts of the world

Celebrating Christmas involves a multitude of local and global traditions. In each country, some customs come from pagan beliefs, and many of them also result from the prevailing climate.

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Everything you need to know about luggage before traveling

Are you going on a dream, 2-week paradise vacation at the other end of the world? Or maybe your company organizes a motivational trip to Mexico, Morocco or the USA? used since the trip will be long, it is worth storing it well. Don't leave your vacation until the last minute.

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6 reasons why it’s worth traveling around the world

They say that traveling is the only thing on which we spend money and become richer. Anyone who has even once visited a neighboring country knows how much truth there is in this thesis. Therefore, we present 6 arguments proving how a trip abroad can make you richer.

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